So today was interesting.

My Business Law class, and various other students in random technology/business classes, went on a field trip today. A field trip to a Career Expo down in Hampton. Oh joy. Oh joy. I had to dress up. That was fun. I got to wear a tie that didn’t exactly match my shirt, and dress pants that didn’t really agree with my waist. Yay.  I was going to wear dress shoes, but they didn’t agree with my feet, and there was no way I’d suffer uncomfortable blisters from hell because of this stupid field trip.

My day started out simple enough. I’m pretty much a newb when it comes to tying my own tie, so the night before I had my dad show me how to do it, and I kept the premade tie he made me, and just threw it on in the morning. Thank god it was fairly decent this morning, and not frigid, or I would’ve been a bad mood. I usually walk around the school every morning, by myself. I’m sure a lot of people look at me as the creepy quiet kid who can be seen stalking throughout the hallways each and every morning, staring into an endless abyss of nothingness. I walk around the school each morning alone. I don’t really talk much, and anyone who says hello will only get a slight nod. Maybe. I do this to somewhat wake up.. and think about how good or bad the day may be. I decided that today was not a good day to do this. People might be freaked out. Why is the creepy quiet kid who speaks to no one suddenly dressed up? You get the idea. I wanted a low profile. So I actually stayed in one spot and talked with my buddy [Graham Bradly] until the bell rang.

Well, school that day decided to fuck over my low profile.

When I got into my first block class, my teacher told us [7-8 people, its a small class] that the FBLA [some business club, lollers] needed people to run around the school and see if classes brought in cans for a food drive thing. Fuck.

First off, let me say that my respect, and my pity, go out to all the people, past and future, who go about the school and collect things for these food drives. Its a very awkward thing to do. Especially when one doesn’t want to be noticed by anyone or anything. But nooooooooo. I chose to do the classrooms in the 100 area. [Big mistake on my part, buncha assholes] This area has all the geography/history/government classes, 1 art, and my old photography class. I didn’t get any food. There were some teachers that were very apologetic, thinking I gave a damn, and some teachers were closing the door before I could say “food drive.” I’d say “Hi, I’m collecting food for the fo-“ and that’s when they’d shake their head and close the door. It was also awkward to totally disrupt classes. Or just stand in the door, if its open, and have the students stare at me while the teacher is talking. Sigh. I actually skipped a classroom [photography] because she was in the middle of a lecture, and I assumed that they wouldn’t have cans anyway, since nobody else did.

So this was my fun before the field trip. On the bus, since I was basically the very last one to arrive, I ended up sitting with a teacher from Jamestown [5 kids from Jamestown decided to come along]. Which was.. not too horribly bad. I made a fool out of myself, I blame being mentally traumatized from the food drive thing. The teacher said, “Hello Daniel.” Well, I was startled. I had never met this person before, how did she now my name? What did I do? When I asked, she politely pointed out that my name was on my folder that held my resumes. Oh…  facepalm. Like I said, I blame the FBLA… and those damn teachers.

The Expo was a confusing mess. Very unorganized. Our group got split up multiple times, and the people directing the thing didn’t know half the time where people should be. The only thing that was fun about it was the mock interviews. I did pretty good supposedly. The second interviewer and I got into a discussion about photoshop. So.. yay. Afterwards, there were a few companies set up in this big.. room.. thing..  I went around and got a lot of free pens. I’d go to a booth, and pretend to read the information… and than I’d take a pen. The people who I walked with encouraged me. So I blame them. I think I got 12 really neato looking pens. I’d say the trip was worth it, don’t you?

Finally, after walking around for a few hours, we ate lunch at the Patrick Henry Mall, I got Wendy’s. Mistake on my part. My double cheeseburger was sloppily made, the cheese barely melted. It looked like ketchup was squirted on there violently, all over the burger. I was hungry though, so I ate it any way. The people I sat with got some kind of sushi stuff. I tried some fish eggs. Surprisingly, they don’t taste like anything. They kinda feel like nerds though. Which was cool. After lunch, I was dragged throughout the mall to Hot topic and spencers. Oh what fun! I really hate shopping. I really really do. God.. damnit.. ahem.

After school I had a dentist appointment. I hate the dentist more than I hate shopping. Don’t get me wrong, the dentist is a nice enough guy, but I just hate going there with a passion. My first appointment there was worse than this one though, since I was somewhat new to this dentist. They had the chair leaned so far back it almost felt like the blood was rushing to my head. I gripped the chair like I was clinging on for my life, and the only thing I could think was “God damnit, breathe through your nose. Breathe through your nose. Breathe through your nose. Breathe through your nose.” Why? Because I was afraid I’d gag on the 500 FUCKING TOOLS THEY SHOVE IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE! I mean, jesus christ, is that really necessary? Bleh. This time around I still did all of the above, but my heart wasn’t pounding as hard and as fast.

So yes, that was my day. I had planned on going to the Busch Gardens employment center thingy and filling out an application, but that will be saved for another day. Right now, the teeth the dentist worked on hurts like a bitch, and I have a headache. It’s time to get some pain relievers. Powerful ones.

I need a fucking nap…