Alrighty, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I know, I’m a slacker..  but hopefully this new blog entry will allow you to forgive me. Don’t get too excited, however; this blog post will be about technical geeky computery stuff. It will have nothing to do with my life, really… [unless you consider the fact that my life revolves around computers, than yes, it has everything to do with my life, [but not on a very personal level, you jackass]]

A lot of my good friends/family aren’t very computer savvy. I mean, some of you out there have dells, and lets face it… dells are stupid [like cats]. If your computer is acting weird, slow, ect, then hopefully this post will help you out. A lot of people have trouble finding really good programs that can speed up and repair their computer. They also have trouble finding a good, free, legitimate, antivirus program. Have no fear! I shall guide you towards the side of faster computer bootups, and virus free hard drives [well, unless you have worms, multiple trojans, ect. then you’re on your own. Stop going to porn sites. Start using your imagination]

Auslogics BoostSpeed

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this little jewel, but I’m glad that I did. After downloading from, [what a clever site name]and opening up this application, you’ll notice that this programs has many tools which you can use to clear your hard drive of useless junk files, defrag your hard drives…

[Disk De-fragmentation is basically this – Lets compare your hard drive to a suitcase. You go on a trip, right? In the beginning, you pack your clothes up nicely folded. Everything is neat and organized, and not very chaotic. Well, throughout your vacation, you go rummaging through your suitcase, removing things, putting things back in [perhaps not as nicely folded as before] and before you know it, everything is a big fucking mess. Disk Defrag programs basically repack your hard drive. It resorts files. Cleans things up. You don’t see anything different visually. It’s a behind the scenes thing. However, opening up programs, closing things down, and booting up your computer, may be noticeably faster. I recommend defragging your computer at least once every couple of months, so things aren’t a big clusterfuck on your hard drive]

ect ect. You get the picture. This program basically gives your computer a tune up. An Oil change. ect… There is a catch, however. Ah damnit.. I knew it was too good to be true. The program is a free trial. So clean up your PC as fast as you can. After the trial is up, you can’t use it any more. Unless you pay for it, but who would do that?

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Well, we know we can trust good ol’ Auslogics. This program is completely free. No trial bullshit to go through. Read above to find out what Disk Defrag programs do. This little program is nice to have around, and is very efficient. I should also mention, however, that you should probably not run other programs whenever you disk defrag your computer. It may noticeably slow down some applications that require a lot of your computer’s power… [note: you should still be able to run Instant Messengers, or web browsers just fine] I’m talking about things like video games, mainly.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Virus programs! Oh boy! Can this blog post get any better? Gee, thats a tuff question. The name says it all, folks. I’ve been using this program for quite some time, and it seems to keep my computer fairly safe. [Though I tend to not go on websites that scream “Hey! Let me inject a virus into your beloved computer! Thats right.. just bend over a little bit further…” I tend to play on the safe side of things] It basically scans your computer for those pesky viruses that can fuck up anyone’s day. You can thank me later.