Wooooo, it’s been awhile since I posted in this thing… might as well catch you folks up on a few obvious things that have happened in my life..


Yeah, good stuff. I’m out of High School now, and I’ve been thrown into the real world.. and when I say thrown, what I really mean is.. I’ve been slowly eased into the idea of being an independent person. Sometimes people make the idea of graduating from High School some kind of big, life changing experience.. in which you’ll suddenly *poof* become a big grown up person. They’re liars! I still feel like some young immature teenager that doesn’t know what he’s doing! Maybe slowly but surely I’ll grow into the young adult role, but so far, nothing life changing. I still feel the same.

I had my mom, my sister, and my mom’s boyfriend come down for the graduation ceremony, which was nice. I was able to spot her in the crowd of hundreds, amazingly enough, by looking in the most out of the way place in the entire stadium.. theater.. thinger… She was all the way up in some far back corner.. and some how I noticed her frantically flailing her arms to get my attention. Let me tell you something, that’s skill [or perhaps some kind of deep instinct] to spot out 1 single person in a crowd of hundreds. I’m not sure how anyone expects anyone to find someone in such a hectic crowd. You turn around to try and find a familiar face, and everyone seems to be waving at you, and no one seems to stand out. Its very frustrating.

The ceremony itself was a bit long and tedious.. there were a few annoying occasions were I spotted fellow graduates [the best and brightest, the future of America] blowing up beach volleyball things, and smacking them into the crowd of fellow graduates.. and then snickering at how sneaky and clever they were… I wanted to shake them.. violently.. or at least pop their stupid balls [lol I said balls]. After the ceremony.. [I found out that my very loyal family left the ceremony after I got my diploma and sat down.. hehe.. that made me giggle.. lucky bastards], I hooked up with my mom, sister, mom’s boyfriend, grandfather, grandmother [haskell], my Uncle Matt, and my loving girlfriend, Lauren at UNOs.. which was a very nice dinner.. [Lauren may disagree, she wouldn’t eat the pizza because there was green stuff in it… psh]


I got a car too. That’s kinda cool. ¬†Its a nicer car than I expected to get from my dad. I expected to get some piece of shit with wheels attached to it, but surprise! Its not a piece of shit! It’s actually a very nice car. An Infiniti 2000 with a Bose sound system.. leather interior.. drives very nicely.. I can’t really complain at all. Thanks dad for the car! I do have to pay for insurance, and for the gas.. and the cars title isn’t in my name.. so technically its not my car…. son of a bitch…

Some other car related news.. someone in our neighborhood has been going into cars and stealing things.. specifically money.. like.. dollars and coins. What the fuck? Sam Bacharach and Haroun Rahman [friends I have in the neighborhood[yes, I have friends, fuck off]] have reported people breaking into their cars, though I’m not sure what has been stolen. I, too, was robbed. All of the change I had in my car was stolen.. and my dad, whose truck is always unlocked.. was stolen from too.. which is kinda.. silly.. because the thief, apparently not too clever, didn’t steal the checkbook, but all the change in the truck… let us ponder..


Yes, I got a job. Where? Why.. the only place that offers a WORLD CLASS DINING AND ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE! BUSCH GARDENS! Wait.. what? That’s… not what you were thinking of?… Huh, well then.. *ahem* Thats what my employers told me it was during company brainwa-… orientation. Anyways.. the pay isn’t too bad.. about 8.25 an hour.. I’m worked like a whore though.. usually nearing 40 hours per week. I come home every day greasy, my skin sticky, and my feet about to say “fuck you too!”, detach, and leave me forever.. turning me into a handicap individual who is constantly snickered at as I make my way towards the ramp entrances of buildings..

One of the people I used to be.

…Right.. anyways, the people who I work with are generally pretty cool.. I only talk to a few people, but slowly but surely I’m becoming more social. I work in a culinary position at the Festhaus in Busch Gardens. My job varies depending on what they want me to do.. I could be preparing salads one day, and than having a sausage fest the next.. [no, not anything gay, you pervert, I’d be serving sausages] Sometimes I get so tired that I just want to snap at a customer, and launch scalding-hot german potato salad at their fat, uncaring faces.. but some unforeseen¬†force stops me. I simply smile and say “Is there anything else you would like, Ma’m/Sir?”, trying very hard not to have some eye twitch going on while giving the customer a very cheesy smile. That’d be nice.

Maybe they’d give me a raise for having such a unqiue personality.