So, I’m in college.

Yeah, that’s cool stuff, isn’t it? Eh, I guess so. I attend Thomas Nelson Community college, and so far… my first semester has been… alright. My major is Computer Science; now let me show you my first classes to start off my Computer Science Education Career:

Math 04 – For people who slacked off in high school when it comes to math, this is basically math for dummies. You might be thinking, “Uh oh Danny, computer stuff requires a lot of high tech mathy stuff,” and to that I say… oh really? I love computers, and flawlessly completed a advanced web design class in high school, so… whatever, might as well give it a try… moving right along…

HUM 201 – Basically… Western Cultures- Humanities…

Eng 111 – English Composition – My favorite class, hands down… writing has always been second nature to me… [don’t you dare judge this blog as my best writing, ya big fisch]

Public Speaking – Doing alright so far, though I surprisingly haven’t done a speech yet.

SDV – Student Development somethingorother – A mandatory class that I found out isn’t mandatory for me, since I’m not graduating from thomas nelson; the pricks are just trying to take my money… The class is a big waste of time. My first 4 hour session [thank god there is only 2 sessions], we talked about the school… and stuff that goes on within the school… and… I wanted to blow my brains out.

Now, I want you to find the class that has to do with computers… [and not indirectly, you asshole] Brace yourself, because if you even try, you’re in for a game of Where is Waldo: Extreme Edition.

I’ll tell you this, I did not pick any of my classes. I went to this “One Stop Enrollment!: Whoopty-Fuckin-Do” gig they were throwing at the Hampton campus, and I regret it deeply. Not only did I get some stupid SDV class that I don’t have to take, but I got classes that… for the most part… didn’t interest me all too much [except for you, English Composition, you sweet, sweet… innocent class]. I basically sat down in this auditorium like setting, with a bunch of other people who waited probably a bit too long to pick out classes, and was called up by one of the lovely guidance counselor staff. Once there, I told them my major and the scores of my tests that they made me take.

“You’re going to take this, this, and this, we’ll stick with the basic classes this semester. Do you want Humanities or [some religion studying class, I think]?”


“okay, go make your schedule…”

No… “Do you plan on transferring?” , “Hey, how’s it going” , or “Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?” [Which I would’ve answered no, due to being pissed off for my shitty selection of courses… that would’ve showed him…]

So yes, college is going pretty good.

Hmm, what other minuscule things should I talk about?

I’m back into World of Warcraft… I’ve been playing it with my cousin, and plan on playing it with my girlfriend. So far so good there…

I plan on quitting my job at Busch Gardens pretty soon. As great as some of the people who I work with are, I just can’t stand the job… which is too bad. It’s been a good… long haul, though…  and I think I’ve worked there long enough to show people out in my community that I have a good, strong, work ethic… and reliable to boot.