What the hell is going on here? You may or may not be asking yourself. You post a logo of a game before giving a stupid introduction about what the blog post is going to be about? I FEEL BETRAYED, SIR!

Don’t be silly, says I! Take a good look at that image. It’s what I’ll be talking about today.

Minecraft. The idea behind the game is quite simple. You get these cubes that you can basically put where ever you want. You can destroy cubes to build holes, or place your cubes in a way that makes a pixel-lated piece of art. Its such a simple concept. Build things. Do whatever you want. Use your imagination. Be creative. It is very sad that many big game developers pour millions of dollars and hours into a product, only to have it be this mediocre piece of crap that gamers fall head over heels for. Yeah, thats right, I’m looking at you – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and everything past the first Halo game.

This game – a game played on Java Software on your computer, over the internet, is one of the most addictive games, maybe THE most addictive game, I have played in a few years. It goes back down to the roots. Of creation and imagination. Your mind being your only limitation [rhyme]. This kinda thing hasn’t happened for me since The Sims [The first game]

I run a little private server which I hop around with my block-man looking guy, and build all kinds of cool little things with my friends. Playing online makes the experience so much better. You can set a goal and build something fantastic. I can rant and rave about this game until my face turns blue , but I think it’d be easier if you let me show you it.

The underground cave house Lauren and I made.  The giant cave fortress I made. The poke’mon stadium – My cousin Donnie, a internet friend named “Star,” and I made. Checkerboard and Birdhouse made by Lauren. Glasshouse made by Donnie.

I won’t lie to you, the game, at first glance, looks like crap, but the freedom it gives people to create and build unique things with others is a experience I haven’t had replicated… ever. Sadly enough.

I have a private server up and running. If you’d like to give it a whirl and play on the server, let me know.

Click the Minecraft image above to find out more about the game. Click the register button to make a free account. Tis in the upper right hand corner.