So, I know it has been quite a bit [a month, actually] since I’ve updated the blog. The story behind the scenes is still being worked on, albeit a little slower than I would like. I’m fleshing out the background for the human race, naming the cities, the families, and planting the family trees. A lot of it probably isn’t necessary, but it will help me flesh out the world that I’m creating in my head.

Anyways, as some of you may or may not know, I’m working as a Bus Boy at a restaurant called Regatta’s within a place called Kingsmill Resort & Spa. It’s basically where rich old people go to die. Haha, not exactly.. that makes it sound retirement home for rich people. It’s not. Wealthy, young republicans can live there, too – as well as their spoiled brat kids. Moving on – I don’t mind working there. What – think I was going to say “enjoy”? Psh, let’s be serious here – nobody enjoys working. I’ll admit the job is better than Busch Gardens, but I’d imagine picking up trash on the side of the Highway is better, too.  In all honestly, the people who I work with are pretty great, and unlike Oblivion characters, everyone has a unique personality and creative dialog that creates an immersive work environment. Huh? Never mind. Move along. The people who I work with are cool, in general. Nobody has come up to me and morphed into a complete asshole, yet. I imagine it’s only a matter of time. The whole, “oh, he’s a new guy, let’s just be nice and not scare him off” will wear off eventually.

Two of the people whom I work with are black. OH SNAP I’M A RACIST. Actually, they kinda aren’t. I mean, outside of work, they dress like they are, and they talk the talk, but when you have the chance to stand next to them and eavesdrop, you discover that they’re actually whiter than you are. Yup, I physically facepalmed when they started talking about naruto. Are you serious? Really? Oh jesus christ…

Speaking of being a racist. Don’t see many black people come into the restaurant.

Let’s move on, before you have a “I see what you did there” moment.

[The next part of this post is a big geeky nerd rage – lots of profanity – if you’re family, and/or don’t understand video games, don’t bother reading below]

I’m currently looking for a new MMORPG to play, with little to no luck. I was talking to Donnie [my cousin] last night, and it seems like game developers have gone downhill in terms of innovation in the online gaming market. They get these big buckets of money, and all the developers use it as a place to take their mid-day shits or morning tinkles. Any late night partying they do, the vomit is to be placed in this bucket, too. They then take whats in the bucket and pour it into a fucking meat grinder, pack it into video game boxes, and slap a $60 price tag on it, and call it a blockbuster hit.

*deep breath*

Honestly, though. Game developers think gamers are big fucking morons. I mean, they aren’t too far from the truth, seeing how far games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty went. In my spare time, I watch this show called “Kitchen Nightmares,” where a renowned Chef named Gordon Ramsey goes around and gives some TLC to restaurants who can barely microwave macaroni and cheese without pissing themselves, and turns them into a fairly decent establishment. One of the things he does is look for what is not nearby. What does the town/community need? Are there no pizzerias? He’ll turn them into that. A Bistro? That’s what they’ll be. I feel like the gaming industry can somehow learn from this. I feel like they need to take a step back and say, “Hey, what DOESN’T the gaming industry really have right now?”

We don’t want 5000 FUCKING WORLD OF WARCRAFT THEMEPARK CLONES, YOU IGNORANT FUCKS! The gaming industry is doing it all wrong. They go “Hey, WoW did good, lets make a MMO EXACTLY LIKE IT!” and we see 20 MMOs that copy WoW.

“Hey, Call of Duty did good, lets copy that!” Hello Thousands of WW2 Shooters.

Give us some fucking variety. Something new. There are too many followers in the gaming industry, and nobody has big enough balls to think outside of the box.