Alright guys… lets play some good ole fashioned trading card games over the internet – without the prices of paying for it! I have to warn you – the program is a little old fashioned, but it has every card game in the book!

First, go here –

Extract the file into its own folder
Inside the Lackey CCG folder, you’ll see a LackeyCCG.exe file
Open it up

Once inside the program, go to the preferences tab.
You’ll see two buttons
and [high]

Go above those buttons and you’ll see Pugin info – – – – Select plugin {drop down box]
Hold down left clcik on the box and find “wow”
click High for high quality images
click update from URL under AutoUpdate

It’ll say reload the program when it’s done loading
Just click [Load Plugin] at the top under plugin pref. It should say WoW
You should see a big WoW Card on your left on the main screen

Go into preferences tab again
Go to player profile tab
Enter your player name
Click save profile
Go back into pref tab again
Go into appearance
Check the box that says Show card counters as numbers
Click save at the bottom
Go into the Deck Editor Tab
Click the [New Deck] Button at the top left under the server tab

Enter a Deck name for the deck on the right
The filters on the left hand side, when you click the off button, it turns that filter on, and you can type the name of the card/type/whatever you’re looking for
all you need to do is drag and drop the cards up at the top when you have the deck tab selected
Make sure to put your choosen hero under the hero tab
You can use the left and right arrow keys while dragging a card to add more of that card type
When you’re done, click the save deck button and then tell me whenever you want to play a game.