A couple of days ago I let my sporadic ADHD gamer side really shine, and I quit World of Warcraft and bought rift. I realize that by doing this, I may have unintentionally given a digital middle finger to a few of my close friends. Actually – all of them.  I don’t have too many friends.

Stardragon [Shane], Donnie, Bobby, and Chris, I apologize. No, I don’t regret my decision. I’m just sorry that I dragged everyone back into Cataclysm in the first place. You resubbed, transferred characters and changed factions. We leveled many a lvl and grinded a few dungeons. However, not long after reaching 85, you find that I’m not with you. Not even three months of having Cataclysm, I quit.

You may go, “Well, I don’t understand, why would you waste all that time and money and then go and leave?”  It’s not a waste. I enjoyed my time in Azeroth, and I’ve seen all the new things there are to see in Cataclysm. I had fun. You have to remember that in the end, what’s most important when it comes to all games is that you play them to have fun. They’re not really investments.  I’m not really much of an end game raider, and when it comes to pvp, WoW’s is nice, but they’ve offered nothing really new for pvpers. A rehashed AB and Warsong Gulch, and World PVP is officially dead. You have to queue up for Tol Barad.

And so I tried out the Rift Beta, and though it wasn’t revolutionary, it offered things done differently, and it was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft off and on for six years. That’s a long time. With Cataclsym, blizzard did really more of the same thing. This is fine – just not for me.

Rift is a game that plays much like WoW, but does a few things differently. All the different class combinations [no more cookie cutter specs] The Rifts, which is a new cool public quest like things that anyone can just jump into. Open PvP zones with dynamic events that happen in them.  It has a very slick interface that’s as customizable as Warhammer’s was. Overall, it’s a very polished game. You might look a few gameplay videos or screenshots and guffaw at how similar the games are, but when I sat done to play it, I had fun.

That’s what matters. It’s a different game. It’s polished. It’s fun.

I had bigger arguments in my head to convince the people I apologized to to actually play with me, but I’m going to go play with Lauren now.