Last night and a little bit of this morning I had the enjoyment of playing with my beloved, Lauren [who goes by the fierce name as redshipp] We started playing around 11:00 pm and we ended out adventures at… 3 am. We also picked up where we left off this morning for another thirty minutes. Needless to say, we’ve been having fun in Telara.

So another version of Sketchit was born!

Lauren and I stumbled around the newbie zone which was very reminiscent [or, at least I think] Of the warhammer starter zones for Chaos and Human.. meshed together. Not that that’s how it played out by any means, but the art style seemed similar, as well as the atmosphere. Which isn’t a bad thing.

We killed many an undead-like fiend, smashed magical devices [looted a few grey-quality picnic baskets from “traitor” mobs?] Launched catapults and defeated a very powerful [low level static] Rift at the end of our newbie experience. It was some good stuff. I wish I had taken more screenshots of the rifts and the going-ons of the zone, but I was too caught up playing the game.

I guess I should give some background story lorelol stuff before I go on. Some heretic king guy used not-suppose-to-use technology, which harnessed the power of these dragon like things. Which you aren’t supposed to do, because it’s bad. For whatever reason, that brought the dragons, which brought the rifts, which in turn, fucked up the world. As a normal good guy, I died. But an angel swooped down and said, “Hey, you’re better than this!” and made me a being called an “Ascended,” which is why I’m so fucking powerful. After defeating powerful static rift as a newbie, 200 years have past. Apparently I sacrificed myself for the rift to be shut, but now the gods have brought me back to solve this new rift problem. Oh shit son.

So now we’re back in the “real world” of the game! Serious time!

I played as a “Beastmaster” “Paragon” and “Riftblade,” which means I have a pet, I dual wield, and if I spec’d more into Riftblades, my weapons would have special procs.  Lauren played as a Druid… and something else. A cleric of sorts 😀

Throughout the night Lauren and I closed many a Rift and even defended a town from an enemy invasion. I died once during a rift [damn elite mobs] and Lauren got steamrolled by a large force of invasion mobs 😦

So we took it out on a squirrel.. and collected their tears.. and added it to our collection. [more to come on that later]

[My cat’s name is Frisky, and her faerie pet is named Danny :3]

Anyways folks, I’ll report more on Rift later. Time to make some toaster strudels.