Some of my greatest moments within World of Warcraft happened because of the world pvp. Sure, there were plenty of battlegrounds that I played to get my player killing kicks satisfied, but I have very few memories that really stand out to me. When I first started playing WoW, I could remember the huge Southshore versus Hillsbrad fights. Alliance and horde would push each other back and forth between the two towns aimlessly. After awhile, somebody in general chat or raid chat would yell at the wise idea, “Lets retaliate and attack Tirisfal Glades/Crossroads/Astranaar” The raid group is one massive fel swoop would move to the next location, a tidal wave of player mounts and green names [signaling pvp flag].

And of course at arriving to the next destination there would be about half the players, and everyone would die. It would be a good day. After awhile though, Burning Crusade came out, and with it, came flying mounts. While blizzard had implemented World PvP objectives, for the most part, they were ignored. I dabbled in the one within hellfire peninsula, and a little bit with the zangarmarsh one, but it only offered a slim fraction of the fun that vanilla WoW world pvp offered. There was Halaa, too, but that was mostly useless and sporadic fighting.

Wrath came out – no real World PvP objectives, cept for Wintergrasp, which was a fucking joke. Cataclysm is more of the same with Tol Barad, but with queues to keep the sides even. That isn’t world pvp.

With flying mounts brought to Azeroth, there will never be the world pvp that happened in the scale that it used to. No massive scale battles.

You’re going to roll your eyes, but I believe that that will all change in Rift, especially on PvP servers, where the opposite faction will invade enemy territory, and attack their quest hubs. Players will be able to attack enemy quest hubs, also. In Warhammer, attack quest hubs was a major no-no, with super elite guards guarding the place- which was odd for a pvp game, discouraging world pvp like that. With Rift though, on pvp servers, they’ve made the guards guarding towns weaker than if they were on a pve server, and enemy players can totally render an enemy quest hub useless. Epic.

Also, no flying mounts. My hope with Rift pvp is that it’ll be much like the WoW days. Where there was a community, and you knew who the great pvpers were on your server by how badly they were hated by the other faction.

Theres also a dynamic World PvP event that happens in one of the zones I read about, something called an Ancient Wardstone can be captured or activated, which summons a boss that walks around the entire zone basically killing the towns/quest hubs/players in its path. Kinda like a wintergrasp with the bosses roaming outside. Sounds interesting.

Anyways, thats all for my night rift rant 😉 [not so much nightly, but you get it]

More on Rift later. Beta is on the 15th, anyone is welcome. No keys needed.