If anyone knows me, they know that I like a TV series called Stargate. A lot of people think it’s a cheesy sci-fi show, and are easily put off by how geeky they feel with watching it. Regardless, it has a very huge fan base. The thing behind Stargate is basically this device that opens up a portal to another world which has a Stargate on it, which allows for instant travel. Sounds pretty cool, right? I believe I started watching Stargate SG-1 when I was in middle school, and the geek in me enjoyed in thoroughly.

Anyways, fast forward a few years, I get into MMOs and forget about television even existing. Stargate SG-1 is canceled, but it has a spin off show called Stargate Atlantis. It’s about the people who made the Stargates actually making the city of Atlantis. Atlantis was actually a city built on top of a spaceship like thing. Moving on… it flew off of earth a long time ago, with a – you guessed it – a Stargate on it! It’s millions and millions of light years away – in a different universe and such.  It was a decent show in its own right, but I only watched the first few episodes, and I was a fanboy of the original Sg-1.

After only having 5 or 6 seasons, Atlantis is canceled as well. A year afterward, Stargate Universe, the series third spin off, is announced/released. This show was amazing for me. It was like Stargate SG-1, but for people who hit puberty. Don’t get me wrong, I loved SG-1, but this show was a lot grittier, and got into the characters on a much deeper level. I was enjoying it immensely.


You see, the problem is with the fan base of the Stargate Franchise, and the flaws with Cable Television and Networks themselves. MGM studios is the company that produced all of the Stargate television shows, but it’s the network, SyFy, which makes all of the decisions in whether the show stays or goes. Now, how a Network decides on whether or not a show should stay is how many viewers the show gets the night it airs on television. This is BAD, very fucking bad. BAD SYFY, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

Like I was saying… Stargate Universe every single time would pull a little over a million viewers with each episode it released. That sounds good right? A million… that’s a lot! Nope. Shows like Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, as well as Jersey Shore, pull in something like 8 to 12 million viewers. I know, right? What’s the problem, then? A deep show like Stargate Universe only is getting a million, with such a large following and by itself an awesome show… that should be getting more… right?  Well, it is… and it isn’t.

People who watch shows like Stargate, or any other Sci-Fi show for that matter, don’t really use the television to watch it. We’re geeks, nerds, ect. We know how to use the internet. Why spend an hour watching a 40 minute show when we can get it illegally or watch it on hulu and only spend around 40 minutes watching it? I’d put money on it that millions of Stargate Universe’s viewers watch the show over the internet through various means. Means which aren’t tallied when it comes down to seeing how many people watch a show.

Networks need to evolve or fucking die. That goes for cable television, too. What they should do, what every network should do, is release the episodes on their website the same day it airs on television. Put ads on it or on the side, I don’t care what you do, but do it. I don’t see the harm in it. You get more viewers, you get more money from advertisers, and shows don’t get canceled because your CEO is 70 years old and still uses internet explorer.  Nobody really uses the television anymore to watch TV, and when they do on that random occasion, it’s because they TiVo’d it or some shit [which isn’t counted in tallies].

I think why it hasn’t been done before is because maybe 20 years ago, Networks and Cable companies teamed up and signed a 50 year contract to totally suck ass. Cable companies said, “Hey, you can put your shows through us and we can use your networks and everyone’s happy… if you follow these guidelines.. and don’t touch anything else but television. Ergh…

I hope cable companies die. Nobody really watches TV anymore… should all be internet stuff. Drop that phone shit too. Nobody has a home phone anymore, or even really knows their own home phone number. A lot of people jus have cell phones.  You guys better evolve.

I think the best example of failurism is Blockbuster. Years ago, Netflix came up to blockbuster and said, “Hey, let’s do this.. you let people pick up our movies in your stores, and we’ll do all the internet streaming, and we can share profits.” Blockbuster said, “Hah, no!”

R.I.P., Blockbuster.

Or not. Damn you and your late fees all to hell.