Hello everyone. This post is about gaming, I wanted to give you a heads up for those who don’t care, and give you a chance to save yourself sometime and stop reading right about…. now.

Okay, for those of you remaining here, I wanted to talk about how much I annoy myself. If you remember earlier, perhaps a couple months ago, I made a post apologizing for leaving a group of friends after just getting started playing cataclysm. I hit lvl 80, did a couple heroics, and grazed ever so slightly the pvp scene.

And then I left, about a little over a month of playing through it. I had gotten a nice amount of people back into the game with me, but after playing the Rift MMO Beta, I decided that I wanted to play that MMO more that cataclysm.

Lets take a look at how things are now. Rift released officially March 1st. it’s now July 4th. I’ve been casually enjoying Rift, and was able to convince a few old friends and family to play it with me. Even my beloved significant other, Lauren, decided to hop on the MMO boat with me.  We’ve all been playing it for about 5 months now, nearly half a year! I have to say, it has been quite a journey. Had some laughs, explored a new world, and all kinds of neat stuff.

But I believe we may be quitting. Why? To be honest, I’m not sure. Rift is a great game. I believe it is better than WoW. I wish WoW had it’s dynamic events and classes, because I like the WoW setting a bit more… but that’s another story all together. Rift had the smoothest MMO launch I’ve ever seen. It has tons of content, amazing graphics, and a great world to explore. However, for some reason, it isn’t enough for me – and I’m not sure why.

I think I’m crazy.

I think the simple fact that is that I have this strange gut feeling that I can’t get rid of, that I’m never really excited anymore to get home and play rift. I’ve had amazing fun playing with Lauren, it’s just these past few weeks have been hard for me to log on and play, and I think that is a bad feeling to have when you’re making monthly payments to play an MMO.

Now, if they add a bunch of nice stuff to the game like deeper crafting, player housing, more open world pvp objectives, I might re sub to give it a whirl, but currently, it’s just not grabbing me as powerfully as past MMOs have.

I’m sorry Lauren, Donnie, Bobby, Chris, Mark, and my mom, for getting you all into rift, and suddenly I’m an adhd child who can’t make up his mind when it comes to which online world he wants to be apart of. I want to thank you for being a friend, however. [Que Music Theme Song: Golden Girls] Thanks for putting up with my bullshit.

These next couple of weeks, Ill be dabbling in other games and MMOs, and reporting back here with my results as to how much I’ve liked and disliked them.

So join me, as I set sail for the epic fail! Hopping from one MMO free trial to another.

Haha, I’m at work. Typing standing up is a bitch.