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Setting Sail For The Epic Fail.

Hello everyone. This post is about gaming, I wanted to give you a heads up for those who don’t care, and give you a chance to save yourself sometime and stop reading right about…. now.

Okay, for those of you remaining here, I wanted to talk about how much I annoy myself. If you remember earlier, perhaps a couple months ago, I made a post apologizing for leaving a group of friends after just getting started playing cataclysm. I hit lvl 80, did a couple heroics, and grazed ever so slightly the pvp scene.

And then I left, about a little over a month of playing through it. I had gotten a nice amount of people back into the game with me, but after playing the Rift MMO Beta, I decided that I wanted to play that MMO more that cataclysm.

Lets take a look at how things are now. Rift released officially March 1st. it’s now July 4th. I’ve been casually enjoying Rift, and was able to convince a few old friends and family to play it with me. Even my beloved significant other, Lauren, decided to hop on the MMO boat with me.  We’ve all been playing it for about 5 months now, nearly half a year! I have to say, it has been quite a journey. Had some laughs, explored a new world, and all kinds of neat stuff.

But I believe we may be quitting. Why? To be honest, I’m not sure. Rift is a great game. I believe it is better than WoW. I wish WoW had it’s dynamic events and classes, because I like the WoW setting a bit more… but that’s another story all together. Rift had the smoothest MMO launch I’ve ever seen. It has tons of content, amazing graphics, and a great world to explore. However, for some reason, it isn’t enough for me – and I’m not sure why.

I think I’m crazy.

I think the simple fact that is that I have this strange gut feeling that I can’t get rid of, that I’m never really excited anymore to get home and play rift. I’ve had amazing fun playing with Lauren, it’s just these past few weeks have been hard for me to log on and play, and I think that is a bad feeling to have when you’re making monthly payments to play an MMO.

Now, if they add a bunch of nice stuff to the game like deeper crafting, player housing, more open world pvp objectives, I might re sub to give it a whirl, but currently, it’s just not grabbing me as powerfully as past MMOs have.

I’m sorry Lauren, Donnie, Bobby, Chris, Mark, and my mom, for getting you all into rift, and suddenly I’m an adhd child who can’t make up his mind when it comes to which online world he wants to be apart of. I want to thank you for being a friend, however. [Que Music Theme Song: Golden Girls] Thanks for putting up with my bullshit.

These next couple of weeks, Ill be dabbling in other games and MMOs, and reporting back here with my results as to how much I’ve liked and disliked them.

So join me, as I set sail for the epic fail! Hopping from one MMO free trial to another.

Haha, I’m at work. Typing standing up is a bitch.



Facebook Scam Alert

So I sat down to eat some lunch, and my supposed Aunt Lori started talking to me. Something didn’t seem quite right, how vague things were, how even though I had never talked to her over facebook, it didn’t seem like her. Things got really weird when she asked for money to buy plane/cab rides. So I turned into DETECTIVE DANIEL HASKELL. Heres how the conversation played out…

Read more…

Apologize. Or not, that’s cool too.

A couple of days ago I let my sporadic ADHD gamer side really shine, and I quit World of Warcraft and bought rift. I realize that by doing this, I may have unintentionally given a digital middle finger to a few of my close friends. Actually – all of them.  I don’t have too many friends.

Stardragon [Shane], Donnie, Bobby, and Chris, I apologize. No, I don’t regret my decision. I’m just sorry that I dragged everyone back into Cataclysm in the first place. You resubbed, transferred characters and changed factions. We leveled many a lvl and grinded a few dungeons. However, not long after reaching 85, you find that I’m not with you. Not even three months of having Cataclysm, I quit.

You may go, “Well, I don’t understand, why would you waste all that time and money and then go and leave?”  It’s not a waste. I enjoyed my time in Azeroth, and I’ve seen all the new things there are to see in Cataclysm. I had fun. You have to remember that in the end, what’s most important when it comes to all games is that you play them to have fun. They’re not really investments.  I’m not really much of an end game raider, and when it comes to pvp, WoW’s is nice, but they’ve offered nothing really new for pvpers. A rehashed AB and Warsong Gulch, and World PVP is officially dead. You have to queue up for Tol Barad.

And so I tried out the Rift Beta, and though it wasn’t revolutionary, it offered things done differently, and it was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft off and on for six years. That’s a long time. With Cataclsym, blizzard did really more of the same thing. This is fine – just not for me.

Rift is a game that plays much like WoW, but does a few things differently. All the different class combinations [no more cookie cutter specs] The Rifts, which is a new cool public quest like things that anyone can just jump into. Open PvP zones with dynamic events that happen in them.  It has a very slick interface that’s as customizable as Warhammer’s was. Overall, it’s a very polished game. You might look a few gameplay videos or screenshots and guffaw at how similar the games are, but when I sat done to play it, I had fun.

That’s what matters. It’s a different game. It’s polished. It’s fun.

I had bigger arguments in my head to convince the people I apologized to to actually play with me, but I’m going to go play with Lauren now.


Alotta Regatta

So, I know it has been quite a bit [a month, actually] since I’ve updated the blog. The story behind the scenes is still being worked on, albeit a little slower than I would like. I’m fleshing out the background for the human race, naming the cities, the families, and planting the family trees. A lot of it probably isn’t necessary, but it will help me flesh out the world that I’m creating in my head.

Anyways, as some of you may or may not know, I’m working as a Bus Boy at a restaurant called Regatta’s within a place called Kingsmill Resort & Spa. It’s basically where rich old people go to die. Haha, not exactly.. that makes it sound retirement home for rich people. It’s not. Wealthy, young republicans can live there, too – as well as their spoiled brat kids. Moving on – I don’t mind working there. What – think I was going to say “enjoy”? Psh, let’s be serious here – nobody enjoys working. I’ll admit the job is better than Busch Gardens, but I’d imagine picking up trash on the side of the Highway is better, too.  In all honestly, the people who I work with are pretty great, and unlike Oblivion characters, everyone has a unique personality and creative dialog that creates an immersive work environment. Huh? Never mind. Move along. The people who I work with are cool, in general. Nobody has come up to me and morphed into a complete asshole, yet. I imagine it’s only a matter of time. The whole, “oh, he’s a new guy, let’s just be nice and not scare him off” will wear off eventually.

Two of the people whom I work with are black. OH SNAP I’M A RACIST. Actually, they kinda aren’t. I mean, outside of work, they dress like they are, and they talk the talk, but when you have the chance to stand next to them and eavesdrop, you discover that they’re actually whiter than you are. Yup, I physically facepalmed when they started talking about naruto. Are you serious? Really? Oh jesus christ…

Speaking of being a racist. Don’t see many black people come into the restaurant.

Let’s move on, before you have a “I see what you did there” moment.

[The next part of this post is a big geeky nerd rage – lots of profanity – if you’re family, and/or don’t understand video games, don’t bother reading below]

I’m currently looking for a new MMORPG to play, with little to no luck. I was talking to Donnie [my cousin] last night, and it seems like game developers have gone downhill in terms of innovation in the online gaming market. They get these big buckets of money, and all the developers use it as a place to take their mid-day shits or morning tinkles. Any late night partying they do, the vomit is to be placed in this bucket, too. They then take whats in the bucket and pour it into a fucking meat grinder, pack it into video game boxes, and slap a $60 price tag on it, and call it a blockbuster hit.

*deep breath*

Honestly, though. Game developers think gamers are big fucking morons. I mean, they aren’t too far from the truth, seeing how far games like Halo 3 and Call of Duty went. In my spare time, I watch this show called “Kitchen Nightmares,” where a renowned Chef named Gordon Ramsey goes around and gives some TLC to restaurants who can barely microwave macaroni and cheese without pissing themselves, and turns them into a fairly decent establishment. One of the things he does is look for what is not nearby. What does the town/community need? Are there no pizzerias? He’ll turn them into that. A Bistro? That’s what they’ll be. I feel like the gaming industry can somehow learn from this. I feel like they need to take a step back and say, “Hey, what DOESN’T the gaming industry really have right now?”

We don’t want 5000 FUCKING WORLD OF WARCRAFT THEMEPARK CLONES, YOU IGNORANT FUCKS! The gaming industry is doing it all wrong. They go “Hey, WoW did good, lets make a MMO EXACTLY LIKE IT!” and we see 20 MMOs that copy WoW.

“Hey, Call of Duty did good, lets copy that!” Hello Thousands of WW2 Shooters.

Give us some fucking variety. Something new. There are too many followers in the gaming industry, and nobody has big enough balls to think outside of the box.

Revisiting the Past

Hello folks. This time I thought I’d share with you some videos I’ve made in the past. They’re nothing special, but I felt like I should dust them off and post them up on here, for those that didn’t get to see them.

Here is the first video I’ve made – uploaded in January 2007, pictures taken by yours truly. This was when I still had to visit my dad, and I was living in Pennsylvania.

This next video I made for an English class assignment in my Junior year of High School. Don’t ask what the assignment was about – I just though I’d make a neato video.

And last but not least – I made a video for my photography class in my senior year of high school depicting the events of a trip from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

Unmarked Stone

I haven’t written a blog post in awhile. I’d post something cliché about perhaps what I’m up to nowadays, or how my life is going, but that’s a bit boring… don’t you think? Now, you may be thinking, “Oh, yeah, like having Danny talk about who he is, is going to be an especially exciting topic,” and to that I say that following: You don’t know me.

Intrigued? Probably not. However, if you’d like to know more about the man behind the computer screen, I suggest that you do read further.

I heard an interesting quote yesterday that goes something like this, “The loss of one person is a tragedy; the loss of a million is a statistic.”

In the case that I ever wind up being a statistic, people can look back and see just who I was.

Daniel Haskell.

That’s me, folks. A few people might recognize the name, but not many may know the person behind it.

As of October 3, 2009, I’m 19 years old. For most of my life, I’ve only had a small select group of friends, with a rather hefty number of associates. I’ve met plenty of people, but I’ve only befriended a few. If one was to look at my facebook page and see the number of friends I have is in the 50’s, the number of people who actually know me is around 5 or 6.

Let’s begin with the basics. I enjoy writing, as you could probably tell from finding this blog site. I don’t do it for educational purposes, I do it because after writing a few paragraphs that I’m proud of, I get a faint sense of arousal that another man might get from watching football, or perhaps when a fanatical shopper gets a hold of a credit card. After finishing writing, I lean back in my computer chair, skim through what I’ve wrote, fix some typos, all the while a smirk dancing across my face like a boy finding out what’s beneath the wrapping paper before actually opening the gift. Weird, right? It gets better.

In hand with writing, I obviously love reading. Third person fantasy books, if you please. I’ve read the entire “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, the “Mistborn” trilogy, “Name of the Wind”, a few warcraft, warhammer, and starcraft books. I can’t get enough reading. Give me a quiet room and a good book, and you’ve got me satisfied. Give me a shit book, though, and we’re probably going to have some words as to why you locked me in a room with a insult to all books ever written. Yes, if I don’t like it, then it’s a bad book, because my opinion is the most important. Dur.

I enjoy video games. “Video games are childish, though. Aren’t you a little too old for games?” No, YOU’RE A LITTLE TOO OLD. PERIOD! I’m a geek, what can I say? I was hooked on games ever since I was little. Barely able to read, I’d sit beside my mom and watch her with amazement and awe as she’d type what would seem a paragraph per second as she played a game called Gemstone, a MUD. [MUDs are basically MMOs but with text… just text] As I got older, I’d watch my mom get into games like Everquest. I’d play games on the computer like Warcraft and Starcraft, still in Elementary school. A gamer was born. Thank you mom. I’m a RPGer at heart. I love games in a fantasy medieval setting. I also love the occasional strategy game and first person shooter. Some might say I can be obsessive sometimes. I’d like to use the word devoted.

The few close people who know me know that I have a dark, cruel sense of humor that rarely sees the light of day when family is nearby. I love to joke around. I’d also like to think of myself as a loyal person to those who are my friends. Don’t mean to sound braggish, but I’m a pretty nice guy if you aren’t one of my close friends. Believe it or not, I’m a pretty caring individual. I’m not afraid of death, but what happens after it. I’m a believer, but I’m not sure in what.

Thank god for the label agnostic.

See what I did there?

Sing Sing Sing With The Swing

So, I’m in college.

Yeah, that’s cool stuff, isn’t it? Eh, I guess so. I attend Thomas Nelson Community college, and so far… my first semester has been… alright. My major is Computer Science; now let me show you my first classes to start off my Computer Science Education Career:

Math 04 – For people who slacked off in high school when it comes to math, this is basically math for dummies. You might be thinking, “Uh oh Danny, computer stuff requires a lot of high tech mathy stuff,” and to that I say… oh really? I love computers, and flawlessly completed a advanced web design class in high school, so… whatever, might as well give it a try… moving right along…

HUM 201 – Basically… Western Cultures- Humanities…

Eng 111 – English Composition – My favorite class, hands down… writing has always been second nature to me… [don’t you dare judge this blog as my best writing, ya big fisch]

Public Speaking – Doing alright so far, though I surprisingly haven’t done a speech yet.

SDV – Student Development somethingorother – A mandatory class that I found out isn’t mandatory for me, since I’m not graduating from thomas nelson; the pricks are just trying to take my money… The class is a big waste of time. My first 4 hour session [thank god there is only 2 sessions], we talked about the school… and stuff that goes on within the school… and… I wanted to blow my brains out.

Now, I want you to find the class that has to do with computers… [and not indirectly, you asshole] Brace yourself, because if you even try, you’re in for a game of Where is Waldo: Extreme Edition.

I’ll tell you this, I did not pick any of my classes. I went to this “One Stop Enrollment!: Whoopty-Fuckin-Do” gig they were throwing at the Hampton campus, and I regret it deeply. Not only did I get some stupid SDV class that I don’t have to take, but I got classes that… for the most part… didn’t interest me all too much [except for you, English Composition, you sweet, sweet… innocent class]. I basically sat down in this auditorium like setting, with a bunch of other people who waited probably a bit too long to pick out classes, and was called up by one of the lovely guidance counselor staff. Once there, I told them my major and the scores of my tests that they made me take.

“You’re going to take this, this, and this, we’ll stick with the basic classes this semester. Do you want Humanities or [some religion studying class, I think]?”


“okay, go make your schedule…”

No… “Do you plan on transferring?” , “Hey, how’s it going” , or “Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it?” [Which I would’ve answered no, due to being pissed off for my shitty selection of courses… that would’ve showed him…]

So yes, college is going pretty good.

Hmm, what other minuscule things should I talk about?

I’m back into World of Warcraft… I’ve been playing it with my cousin, and plan on playing it with my girlfriend. So far so good there…

I plan on quitting my job at Busch Gardens pretty soon. As great as some of the people who I work with are, I just can’t stand the job… which is too bad. It’s been a good… long haul, though…  and I think I’ve worked there long enough to show people out in my community that I have a good, strong, work ethic… and reliable to boot.