Setting Sail For The Epic Fail.

Hello everyone. This post is about gaming, I wanted to give you a heads up for those who don’t care, and give you a chance to save yourself sometime and stop reading right about…. now.

Okay, for those of you remaining here, I wanted to talk about how much I annoy myself. If you remember earlier, perhaps a couple months ago, I made a post apologizing for leaving a group of friends after just getting started playing cataclysm. I hit lvl 80, did a couple heroics, and grazed ever so slightly the pvp scene.

And then I left, about a little over a month of playing through it. I had gotten a nice amount of people back into the game with me, but after playing the Rift MMO Beta, I decided that I wanted to play that MMO more that cataclysm.

Lets take a look at how things are now. Rift released officially March 1st. it’s now July 4th. I’ve been casually enjoying Rift, and was able to convince a few old friends and family to play it with me. Even my beloved significant other, Lauren, decided to hop on the MMO boat with me.  We’ve all been playing it for about 5 months now, nearly half a year! I have to say, it has been quite a journey. Had some laughs, explored a new world, and all kinds of neat stuff.

But I believe we may be quitting. Why? To be honest, I’m not sure. Rift is a great game. I believe it is better than WoW. I wish WoW had it’s dynamic events and classes, because I like the WoW setting a bit more… but that’s another story all together. Rift had the smoothest MMO launch I’ve ever seen. It has tons of content, amazing graphics, and a great world to explore. However, for some reason, it isn’t enough for me – and I’m not sure why.

I think I’m crazy.

I think the simple fact that is that I have this strange gut feeling that I can’t get rid of, that I’m never really excited anymore to get home and play rift. I’ve had amazing fun playing with Lauren, it’s just these past few weeks have been hard for me to log on and play, and I think that is a bad feeling to have when you’re making monthly payments to play an MMO.

Now, if they add a bunch of nice stuff to the game like deeper crafting, player housing, more open world pvp objectives, I might re sub to give it a whirl, but currently, it’s just not grabbing me as powerfully as past MMOs have.

I’m sorry Lauren, Donnie, Bobby, Chris, Mark, and my mom, for getting you all into rift, and suddenly I’m an adhd child who can’t make up his mind when it comes to which online world he wants to be apart of. I want to thank you for being a friend, however. [Que Music Theme Song: Golden Girls] Thanks for putting up with my bullshit.

These next couple of weeks, Ill be dabbling in other games and MMOs, and reporting back here with my results as to how much I’ve liked and disliked them.

So join me, as I set sail for the epic fail! Hopping from one MMO free trial to another.

Haha, I’m at work. Typing standing up is a bitch.



Kampgrounds of America!

It’s summer folks. To many, that word means freedom, the sounds of laughing children, and extreme laziness. Summer, to some people, does not solely mean season on earth in which it is hot. To them, it means it’s time to kickback and have fun.

I almost forget what that’s like. Almost. I remember it enough to the point where I glare at the laughing children and I scorn my peers whom have endless free time. For the past 2/3 years, around March/April is when I start my summer work season! Oh joy. My first summer working I worked at Busch Gardens inside of the Festhaus for many long hours, providing fat people more means in which to eat food. I guess I had enjoyed being around  people and their need to consume, because the next summer I got a job at Regatta’s, one of Kingsmill Resort and Spa’s casual restaurants as a Bus Boy. “Now I get to wipe their asses too!” I would think cheerfully to myself as I would scrub away at hastily drawn tic-tac-toe markings off of tables, and pick up tossed portions of their food off of chairs.

Well this year I said, “Fuck people and their eating habits, I want a job that doesn’t involve food!” Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself I did. In actuality, nobody would even call me back for an interview. Screw you too, McDonalds. Oh, and don’t think I forgot about you either, Chick Fil A. Bastards.

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Facebook Scam Alert

So I sat down to eat some lunch, and my supposed Aunt Lori started talking to me. Something didn’t seem quite right, how vague things were, how even though I had never talked to her over facebook, it didn’t seem like her. Things got really weird when she asked for money to buy plane/cab rides. So I turned into DETECTIVE DANIEL HASKELL. Heres how the conversation played out…

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If anyone knows me, they know that I like a TV series called Stargate. A lot of people think it’s a cheesy sci-fi show, and are easily put off by how geeky they feel with watching it. Regardless, it has a very huge fan base. The thing behind Stargate is basically this device that opens up a portal to another world which has a Stargate on it, which allows for instant travel. Sounds pretty cool, right? I believe I started watching Stargate SG-1 when I was in middle school, and the geek in me enjoyed in thoroughly.

Anyways, fast forward a few years, I get into MMOs and forget about television even existing. Stargate SG-1 is canceled, but it has a spin off show called Stargate Atlantis. It’s about the people who made the Stargates actually making the city of Atlantis. Atlantis was actually a city built on top of a spaceship like thing. Moving on… it flew off of earth a long time ago, with a – you guessed it – a Stargate on it! It’s millions and millions of light years away – in a different universe and such.  It was a decent show in its own right, but I only watched the first few episodes, and I was a fanboy of the original Sg-1.

After only having 5 or 6 seasons, Atlantis is canceled as well. A year afterward, Stargate Universe, the series third spin off, is announced/released. This show was amazing for me. It was like Stargate SG-1, but for people who hit puberty. Don’t get me wrong, I loved SG-1, but this show was a lot grittier, and got into the characters on a much deeper level. I was enjoying it immensely.


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Rift Open Beta Ends

I was telling myself that I was going to have a different kind of blog post next – one that didn’t talk about Rift. However, since the open beta has ended, I thought I’d post some more screenshots and share my experiences as the open beta draws to a close. I’ve been trying to get all sorts of people to play the game with me – to show them that even though it is very similar to WoW, it has certain things that make it special. Some declined, some tried it, and some even bought it. A good friend of mine, Shane [Stardragon], who I have been playing MMOs with for a good 5 years or so, tried the game out. Though he enjoyed his time playing rift, he thought that it didn’t offer enough new stuff to justify purchasing it and leaving WoW behind.

I appreciate Star for trying the game out, I had a lot of fun playing it with him. We even rocked some “Warfronts” [battlegrounds] However, I think that playing the game for ten levels doesn’t really show you how the game will play out, which is very sad. I think that because of how big World of Warcraft is, MMOs these days should be trying to capture and amaze people from the very beginning. While the game looks great, has very dynamic events such as Rifts and invasions from the different elemental planes [Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, ect], and a unique class system that is worth drooling over for people who love making unique specs in talent trees, I can’t say that the first few levels really grabs your attention.

When you start playing, the starting zone [from lvl 1-6] isn’t very exciting in terms of quest mechanics. Kill X this, collect this, destroy that, go here. People see the same UI with different tweaks, they see the class combination system, but only have their low level spells, and they lean back and go, “Wow, this is a WoW Clone, and its not different at all.” I sadly made that judgement when I first started playing. But after getting up there in the levels, and leaving the starting zones, did I see the Rifts and the NPC invasions in action, and tried out some pvp, as well as a few different classes.

the nice thing about Rift, though, is that, even though the quests are a bit weak in terms of quest mechanics and such, you can always do something else. Rifts, defending quest hubs from invasions, and pvp, actually give really great experience, which is very nice.

Thats enough ranting, screenshot time!

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World PvP

Some of my greatest moments within World of Warcraft happened because of the world pvp. Sure, there were plenty of battlegrounds that I played to get my player killing kicks satisfied, but I have very few memories that really stand out to me. When I first started playing WoW, I could remember the huge Southshore versus Hillsbrad fights. Alliance and horde would push each other back and forth between the two towns aimlessly. After awhile, somebody in general chat or raid chat would yell at the wise idea, “Lets retaliate and attack Tirisfal Glades/Crossroads/Astranaar” The raid group is one massive fel swoop would move to the next location, a tidal wave of player mounts and green names [signaling pvp flag].

And of course at arriving to the next destination there would be about half the players, and everyone would die. It would be a good day. After awhile though, Burning Crusade came out, and with it, came flying mounts. While blizzard had implemented World PvP objectives, for the most part, they were ignored. I dabbled in the one within hellfire peninsula, and a little bit with the zangarmarsh one, but it only offered a slim fraction of the fun that vanilla WoW world pvp offered. There was Halaa, too, but that was mostly useless and sporadic fighting.

Wrath came out – no real World PvP objectives, cept for Wintergrasp, which was a fucking joke. Cataclysm is more of the same with Tol Barad, but with queues to keep the sides even. That isn’t world pvp.

With flying mounts brought to Azeroth, there will never be the world pvp that happened in the scale that it used to. No massive scale battles.

You’re going to roll your eyes, but I believe that that will all change in Rift, especially on PvP servers, where the opposite faction will invade enemy territory, and attack their quest hubs. Players will be able to attack enemy quest hubs, also. In Warhammer, attack quest hubs was a major no-no, with super elite guards guarding the place- which was odd for a pvp game, discouraging world pvp like that. With Rift though, on pvp servers, they’ve made the guards guarding towns weaker than if they were on a pve server, and enemy players can totally render an enemy quest hub useless. Epic.

Also, no flying mounts. My hope with Rift pvp is that it’ll be much like the WoW days. Where there was a community, and you knew who the great pvpers were on your server by how badly they were hated by the other faction.

Theres also a dynamic World PvP event that happens in one of the zones I read about, something called an Ancient Wardstone can be captured or activated, which summons a boss that walks around the entire zone basically killing the towns/quest hubs/players in its path. Kinda like a wintergrasp with the bosses roaming outside. Sounds interesting.

Anyways, thats all for my night rift rant 😉 [not so much nightly, but you get it]

More on Rift later. Beta is on the 15th, anyone is welcome. No keys needed.

Rift Beta

Last night and a little bit of this morning I had the enjoyment of playing with my beloved, Lauren [who goes by the fierce name as redshipp] We started playing around 11:00 pm and we ended out adventures at… 3 am. We also picked up where we left off this morning for another thirty minutes. Needless to say, we’ve been having fun in Telara.

So another version of Sketchit was born!

Lauren and I stumbled around the newbie zone which was very reminiscent [or, at least I think] Of the warhammer starter zones for Chaos and Human.. meshed together. Not that that’s how it played out by any means, but the art style seemed similar, as well as the atmosphere. Which isn’t a bad thing.

We killed many an undead-like fiend, smashed magical devices [looted a few grey-quality picnic baskets from “traitor” mobs?] Launched catapults and defeated a very powerful [low level static] Rift at the end of our newbie experience. It was some good stuff. I wish I had taken more screenshots of the rifts and the going-ons of the zone, but I was too caught up playing the game.

I guess I should give some background story lorelol stuff before I go on. Some heretic king guy used not-suppose-to-use technology, which harnessed the power of these dragon like things. Which you aren’t supposed to do, because it’s bad. For whatever reason, that brought the dragons, which brought the rifts, which in turn, fucked up the world. As a normal good guy, I died. But an angel swooped down and said, “Hey, you’re better than this!” and made me a being called an “Ascended,” which is why I’m so fucking powerful. After defeating powerful static rift as a newbie, 200 years have past. Apparently I sacrificed myself for the rift to be shut, but now the gods have brought me back to solve this new rift problem. Oh shit son.

So now we’re back in the “real world” of the game! Serious time!

I played as a “Beastmaster” “Paragon” and “Riftblade,” which means I have a pet, I dual wield, and if I spec’d more into Riftblades, my weapons would have special procs.  Lauren played as a Druid… and something else. A cleric of sorts 😀

Throughout the night Lauren and I closed many a Rift and even defended a town from an enemy invasion. I died once during a rift [damn elite mobs] and Lauren got steamrolled by a large force of invasion mobs 😦

So we took it out on a squirrel.. and collected their tears.. and added it to our collection. [more to come on that later]

[My cat’s name is Frisky, and her faerie pet is named Danny :3]

Anyways folks, I’ll report more on Rift later. Time to make some toaster strudels.